Reflecting the cultural collaboration of an investment bank

The challenge

As part of a “working from home” initiative, TTSP was briefed to deliver a space that would enable flexible working patterns that perfectly balance formal and informal collaboration for this German Investment Bank. No easy task.

The approach

TTSP believes in power of excellent design to change how people think, feel and act. We challenged the brief to test assumptions, stretch aspirations and consider the widest range of options, and used our creativity to improve the quality of the daily workplace experience through space, light, materials and colour.

Using bright feature colours, bespoke illustrations and photo ‘mega-graphics’, we created a visual impact to give a gallery feel. Glass partitions allow light to flood through the office. Designated zones for flexible working include stand-alone booths, fitted with ‘desktop on demand’ IT and enhanced acoustics and visual privacy.

The result

Our approach to the interior has changed the pace and the mood of key zones. It’s a significant visual departure from the previous office space, which now truly reflects the operational culture of the teams and provides a variety of working solutions to support a 120% capacity workforce.




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German Investment Bank



2011 – 2012


Design & Build