Last week TTSP participated in ‘LightArt's Paper Pendant Challenge’. Billie Miller, Assistant Designer, describes the event below:

"We were delighted to be asked take part in LightArt’s first ‘UK Paper Pendant Challenge’. Our task was to create a light pendant, from only paper and other standard office materials - in under 30 minutes!

TTSP is full of creative people, however those involved did not anticipate the that it would be quite so difficult to create a beautiful pendant, in such a short amount of time. The task called for rapid experimentation and putting ideas straight into manufacture.

The challenge resulted in a completely unique ‘look’ from each person, and they were much more imaginative than we thought we could produce in the time available. All pendants varied in shape, size and detail, with some more elegant than others. However when the bulbs were turned on each pendant looked magical. We really enjoyed our evening with the LightArt team and loved making something individual and special."

Billie Miller:


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