We are very pleased to have been part of this years AJ Retrofit awards dinner, having been shortlisted for St. Helens Tower in the Offices 2000-10000 sqm category. The award recognises projects which deal with complex architectural and urban contexts and aspire to bring a new lease of life to often tired and neglected existing buildings.

TTSP’s work with St. Helens Tower has been driven from the start by the desire to retain the original Commercial Union Building, which since its original construction in 1969 has somewhat been dwarfed by the cluster of iconic skyscrapers such as the Gherkin, the Leadenhall building and the proposed Pinnacle.

This understanding led to a design approach of a refurbishment from the outside-in, creating a new piece of architecture within the confines of an existing building, which provides as much delight to the public passerby as to those within the building.

"The AJ Retrofit Awards, brought to you by The Architects’ Journal, recognise and celebrate design, engineering and construction excellence that prolongs and improves the life of the built environment.

With £500 billion likely to be spent over the next three decades on upgrading existing housing, commercial and industrial buildings, retrofits will play a significant part of the future of the construction industry." – The Architects Journal