TTSP - Re-shaping the Post-pandemic workplace

In our mission to help our clients Re-shape their workplaces and define the new normal, we have been considering our responses to a changing brief with optimised design solutions. We believe it is vital to continue to make the office a space we want to visit and work in and also provide a venue to connect with teams and the wider community. This goes beyond technical design and maintains our narrative around good creative thinking and its relationship with people and purpose.

We’re widening our pre-project dialogue and workshop stages to ensure we keep the project strategy and objectives fully aligned with the design process. To define the essential elements of the Re-shaped workplace, the briefing process will require us to consider a number of new factors.

To consciously look beyond the transition stages to identify the new normal, to identify permanent beneficial change in the post-pandemic workplace.

To understand and incorporate personal choice in work patterns and locations with almost everyone having experienced remote working.

What IT platforms are the new essentials that organisations need and how do we incorporate this into the design?

Design will provide flexible space planning to enable future emergency occupation strategies.

Re-thinking spatial standards beyond the cost per sq ft to use per sq ft will influence how we use space in future.

Greater emphasis on the balance of physical and mental wellbeing factors provided in both the workplace and remote locations.

We must not however lose sight of good quality, inspirational design along the way. Design is more than functional, it embodies the personality of an organisation and its relationship with its workforce.

We’re looking forward to bringing our thinking to more commissions that help our clients define personalised solutions in Re-shaping their work environments.