An efficient building at the heart of an urban renewal programme

The challenge

TTSP was appointed by BeeBee Developments for the commercial development of Exchange Place, which would represent the final phase of an urban renewal programme within the Cowcross Estate area of Clerkenwell. The building would provide 9,000m² of new offices in a conservation area.

The approach

Our focus on Exchange Place was two-fold – aesthetics and efficiency. The building uses a mixture of contemporary and traditional materials inside and out. It is supported on a wide-spanning post-tensioned concrete, designed to institutional standards. With detailed thermal modelling and opening windows, the building can be naturally ventilated and air-conditioned.

The results

The £13 million construction is a contemporary development, with practical office spaces and a self-contained private courtyard. Its adjoining public ‘piazza’ enhances the setting of the building.




Project Size:

Occupation Density:

Appointment Duration:

Construction Value:

Form of Contract:

Development - Commercial

Exchange Place Ltd (Bee Bee Developments Ltd)



2000 - 2001

£13 million

Novated Design & Build